You may well ask “What is Powder coating?

Powder coating provides protection to a host of metals i.e alloy, steel and aluminium. It’s unsurpassed by most other paint systems. It adheres to metals by using equipment with an electrostatic field. It's then baked in high temperature industrial ovens, whereupon the powder melts and flows to cover the entire component, this ensures a full and even coverage.

Durability and longevity can only be achieved by accurate use of oven temperatures and timings which are essential in achieving quality workmanship.

E.g a high gloss finished Alloy Wheel will be treated with multiple stoves at medium temperature, while a steel gate will be stoved for longer at a higher temperature.

Here at Covanhill Powder Coaters, we bring together our knowledge and understanding for Powder Coating with our up to date state of the art equipment to enable us to provide our customers with the quality workmanship they desire.            

With over 20 years in the business we are NOT a company who are “here today, gone tomorrow” or “a touch up job will do!”           

Choose from a mind boggling array of colours to suit your needs or taste. Why stop at colours, we have a range of textured paints, metallic finishes and sparkles to enhance the finish.

So whether it's;

  • Alloy or Steel Wheels
  • Bikes
  • Radiators
  • Staircase or Banister  
  • Tables & Chairs

We are happy to give a free quote for any job large or small, domestic or business, so contact us today.

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